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Mainefield University shares a unique bond with the students, employers and academic staff that ties them together, even after you have graduated. Career Services at Mainefield University provides students with the resources, training and advice to help establish and meet career goals. We also support students’ efforts in choosing an academic major, exploring and finding a career path, and creating the tools for a successful job search that will promote students career.

The Career development team at Mainefield University assists the students in every step of future, from deciding on a major, to discerning and planning for the career path. We take pride in offering quality counseling sessions and reliable resources to help students from the beginning of your education to become an empowered and fulfilled member of the workforce. Our mission is to help students develop and cultivate their talents so that they ultimately grow to become able professionals and make positive contributions towards the society and the world. For this purpose, Mainefield University offers career development services that help students as well as alumni find better and more lucrative employment opportunities across the globe.

The Mainefield University’s career development services are provided at virtually no cost to the student and are designed to augment students' career profiles and provide a window towards better opportunities.

We work with students, employers and academic staff to enhance the employability of Mainefield University’s students.

Career Development Services
at Mainefield University

Some of the Career Development Services offered at Mainefield University are listed below:

Career Counseling

Evaluating career choices can be a daunting task for a student or working adult as most are not even fully prepared to realize their ambitions and aspirations, let alone choose a career path that is perfect.

At Mainefield's Career Center, we aim to provide you with a career roadmap and effective strategies for finding job satisfaction and career success through our expert career counseling sessions.

To help you in this regard, Mainefield offers career counseling services that will facilitate you in fully utilizing your potential and ambitions.

Job Placement

Mainefield University assists students in getting a job that meets their requirements and facilitates professional growth in both, short and long run. It also seeks contribution from its alumni by taking regular updates from them about employment opportunities. The university then passes on the required information to its current students who are seeking employment opportunities.

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